At the end of the hectic day, one tends to relax in a comfortable place. The bedroom is the ideal place at home to soothe yourself. In bedrooms, Bed Frames help you to sail on the ocean of comfort. The purpose of the Bed Frame is to support the mattress and spring box. But it also adds elegance to the bedroom. While choosing Bed Frames, bear in mind few things.

Things one should consider while purchasing a Bed Frame are

  • Area of usage
  • Size
  • Type
  • Portability

AREA OF USAGE: First, choose the place you are going to use the Bed Frame. For children’s room, choose bunk beds. For small rooms, choose the Bed Frame which saves space. Look for a simple Bed Frame which suits best for guest rooms.

SIZE: After selecting the location, then look for the size of the Bed Frame which matches the size of the bedroom. For large rooms, one can find large size Bed Frames. Make sure that the Bed Frame will not hinder the passage. The size of the mattress is the determining factor for Bed Frames. If you are not aware of the available standard sizes, then glance over the following table.


                 DIMENSIONS [IN INCHES]


               KING SIZE


                   76  X   80


               QUEEN SIZE


                   60  X  80




                   72  X  84


               FULL SIZE


                   54  X  75


               TWIN SIZE


                  39  X   75


               LONG TWIN SIZE


                 39   X   80


TYPES OF  BED FRAMES:  Bed Frames are available in different types. Modern Bed Frames come in copious styles and designs. The following styles are popular cutting across countries.

a.Canopy Bed Frames are one of the ancient models of Bed Frames. The canopy Bed Frame has four tall posts to support the fabric canopy. Canopy Bed Frames add grandeur to the bedroom. You can feel warm due to the canopy even in winter season.

 b.Adjustable Bed Frames are known for their portable feature. Users can easily move the Bed Frame to the anticipated place with the help of caster wheels which are fixed to the legs of the Bed Frame. This type of Bed Frame is economical and affordable to people from all walks of life.

c.Bunk Bed Frames are designed for small houses, where one often finds it difficult to accommodate more persons in a bedroom. You can also create a small play area for kids with the bunk Bed Frame with the necessary precautions. Your kids will get glued to the bunk Bed Frame.

d.Mission style Bed Frames are known for their traditional appeal. This style was originated in the mid of the nineteenth century. This kind of Bed Frames features headboards and footboards with vertical wooden slats. You can also find handcrafted mission style Bed Frames.

 e.Platform Bed Frames will eliminate the need for box springs. This type of Bed Frame is one of the cost effective solutions for the bedroom. Platform beds can be easily moved from one place to another place.

PORTABILITY- The Bed Frame should be portable. It is advised to choose the Bed Frame which can be dismantled easily. While choosing the large Bed Frames with headboards, Bear in mind the width of the room entry. The edges of the Bed Frame may get damaged by the sharp edges of the room. For a small room, choose a folding Bed Frame.

Contemporary Bed Frames come with stylish headboards and footboards which embellish the bedroom décor. Headboards and Footboards are both functional and ornamental in nature. If you choose to buy a wooden Bed Frame, then look for a Bed Frame which has an elegant finish and a sturdy body. If you wish to buy a metal Bed Frame, then look for a Bed Frame which has a rust resistant coating. The design of the Bed Frame should match the internal décor of the bedroom.The design of the Bed Frame determines its price. Browse FurnsihFrame for copious kinds of Bed Frames. FurnishFrame offers branded Bed Frames at affordable prices.