To store numerous things, one need proper storage place. Drawers help us to organize the things in an easy way. In a chest of drawers, you can store different things. You can also segregate the things easily using a chest with drawers. While choosing the chest, you should consider Type, Style, utility, finish and other minor factors.

Type: Chests of drawers are designed in various types. Popular among them are Highboy and lowboy, Commode, Tansu, Chiffonier.

  • Highboy and lowboy chests are the most popular models for a long time. The Highboy model chest has more drawers, The lowboy model is similar to the modern day chest of drawers.

  • Commode chest of drawers has their origin in France. This type of chests is made with solid woods and also feature shelves and carvings. You can also find antique commodes.

  • Chiffonier in French means Rag gatherer. It is basically designed to organize different kinds of things. Antique Chiffoniers are made from rosewood and also feature doors to hide drawers.

  • Tansu is a Japanese style chest. Traditional Tansu chests are made from different woods which includes cedar, elm. Antique Tansu chests add elegance to the surroundings.

  • Armoires and sideboards come under Chest of drawers category.

Finish:  Chests of drawers are placed in different rooms to store different things. While choosing a chest of drawers for the bedroom, select the one which has a good finish matching the surroundings. A finish is applied to the furniture in order to protect the furniture from environmental impacts. One can select furniture with different types of finish which include varnish, shellac, polyurethane, lacquer and other types. Check properly the kind of finish applied to the furniture piece.  Don't fall prey to low quality finishes.

Style: chests of drawers are available in copious styles ranging from traditional to contemporary styles. Your selection of chests of drawers reflects the nature of your soul. If you want your room to be unique then choose a unique Chest of drawers.

  • Traditional Chests of drawers are simple in nature and have artistic carvings. You can find traditional Chests of drawers made of dark woods like oak and mahogany. With ornate legs and elegant architecture, a Traditional Chest of drawers is the ideal choice for the traditional décor. They are usually handmade.

  • You can also find vintage Chests of drawers which carry a high value. It is regarded as a status symbol. Antique Chests of drawers are of heavy weight, so one may find it difficult to change the position whenever they need.

  • Contemporary chests of drawers are weightless and have low artistic features. You can find both metal and wooden type of chests with drawers. Light woods like plywood are used in modern chests with drawers. You can also find chests with drawers made from a mixture of plastic, fiber, steel to increase the appeal. You can also look for chests with drawers made from rubber wood. This kind of chests with drawers are affordable and can suit all kinds of surroundings.

If you need a large chest of drawers for your room, then look for an elegant piece, which enhances the grandeur of the room. You can also find a chest of drawers with mirrors. Browse Furnishframe for copious kinds of branded chests with drawers at affordable prices. Hurry up and bring home this versatile furniture.