Chaise lounges are one of the furniture which has been part of homes for ages. Chaise lounges are also referred as fainting couches or daybeds. Actually, Chaise Lounge is a French word that translates to a long chair. In ancient times, Chaise lounges are limited to royal and noble classes, but later in modern times it had spread to all sections of the society. Chaise lounges offer a comfortable seating option where you can place your leg and have a catnap. If you are about to buy a chaise lounge, consider the size, style, comfort, and other minor factors.


  • chaise lounges are available in numerous styles ranging from rustic to contemporary styles.

  • You can find chaise bench sofa with high ends and back. It is relatively wider than other styles. The supporting structure of the chaise bench sofa doesn’t have a cushion.

  • If you are looking for a French chaise lounge, You can find Duchess, Recamier, Meridienne styles. Chaise Lounges designed with Duchess style has a seat connected by a footstool. Chaise lounges designed in Meridienne style feature asymmetrical armrests, sloped footrest, high back on one side. Recliner chaise lounges feature two raised and contoured ends with no back. Contemporary chaise lounges have different designs with all features.

Size:  The surroundings determine the size of the chaise lounge. If you want to place the chaise lounge in a small room, then consider the measurements of the room. You can place a chaise lounge in any part of your home based on its length and width. For a large room, you can choose any size, but you should be careful while choosing a chaise lounge for a small room.

Comfort: Choose the chaise lounge, which offers you utmost comfort. Go through the upholstery details and padding materials. You may get deceived by the market forces, so be wise to choose the kind of material and its comfort index.

Another important thing while choosing chaise lounge is the area. First, you have to be clear with the area of its usage and purpose of it.

  • If you want to place a chaise lounge in outdoors, then choose the one which has durable features. Chaise lounges in the outdoors are prone to the environmental effects, so you should choose the chaise lounge made of durable material, which stands the test of time. If you are not using the chaise lounge, then place it in the area which has less incidence of sunlight. Your outdoor lounges should have an upholstery with durable material. Leather upholstered chaise lounges are the preferred for outdoor purposes. You can also find patio chaise lounges with different designs.

  • For indoor purposes, You can choose the chaise lounge with fine upholstery which complements the indoor décor. Choose the material which has good ease of maintenance. Upholstered chaise lounges are available in numerous colors. Contemporary indoor chaise lounges are designed with stain resistant fabrics. You can club the chaise lounge to the sofa to provide extra seating for guests.

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