Directors’ chairs have been used by Hollywood directors since 1900’s. It is referred as a perfect piece of furniture for the outdoor vacations. Directors’ chairs are portable and can be folded side to side. If you are about to buy a director’s chair, then consider few things like size, comfort, portability, and style. We help you with the following information to choose the right kind of a director’s chair.


The size of the chair is the important thing to be considered while purchasing a director’s chair. Generally, directors’ chairs are designed in two standard sizes namely tall size director’s chair and short director’s chair.

Tall size Directors’ chairs are nearly 30 inches height, similar to bar stool height. Short Directors’ chairs are about 18 inches high. Counter height Directors’ chairs are a step up in size with 25 inches.


The comfort is the prime factor of the director’s chair. Choose the director’s chair which gives you ultimate comfort. Users can enhance their comfort by using contemporary Directors’ chairs. Choose the chair with suitable back and ample width, which helps you in a good way.


Choose the director’s chair with a perfect frame. The frame defines the strength of the director’s chair. Directors’ chairs come with different frames, including wooden frame, aluminum frame, and plastic frame.

Wooden frame- The director’s chair with a wooden frame is the widely used chair for outdoors. Wooden Directors’ chairs are crafted from solid woods. Choose wooden Directors’ chairs finished with marine spar varnish, which helps to withstand UV radiation.

Aluminum frame- The director’s chair with an aluminum frame is less in weight, which enables the user to carry it to the anticipated place. Aluminum frames are rust resistant and  durable.

Plastic frame- If you are looking for a colorful director’s chair, then plastic directors’ chairs are the ideal choice. This kind of chairs is durable and portable.


For outdoor applications, a heavy-weave mesh is recommended. This kind of material offers fade resistance and breathability. For indoor settings, heavy gauge canvas is recommended. Look for leather directors’ chairs which are durable and elegant.


The portability of the director’s chair is the defining thing for convenience. As this piece of furniture is made for outdoors, the portability of the chair is an important feature. Choose the folding director’s chair which can be stored and moved to the desired place.

                   Contemporary director’s chairs are designed in copious styles. You can find directors’ chairs with side boards to place accessories. You can also look for personalized directors’ chairs, through which you can dedicate the chair to a particular person with name embroidered on the chair back. If you want a director’s chair with storage, then look for a director’s chair with pouches. Browse Furnishframe for a myriad of varieties of directors’ chairs. FurnishFrame offers branded Directors’ chairs at affordable prices.