Happiness improves the productivity of human beings. To improve the efficiency, one need to provide a good environment. The office is the place where one spends eight to nine hours a day. To improve the work efficiency, you need to choose the right kind of seating chair. Considering various health and efficiency  factors, Ergonomic Chairs are designed. If you are about to buy an Ergonomic Chair, then bear in mind the following.


The mechanism of the chair is the important factor which controls the movement and tilting of a chair. There are few popular chair control mechanisms like Synchro-tilt mechanism, Multifunction mechanism, Knee-tilt mechanism, Dynamic, Task. Be wise to choose the kind of the chair you need. We help you with the following information.


The Ergonomic Chair with the synchro-tilt mechanism offers you a good comfort. The back and seat of the chair are linked and get tilted if you lean back. A chair with synchro-tilt mechanism should have a flexible front seat edge or it may press into the back of the  thighs when reclining. For every one degree of seat tilt, the seat back tilts two degrees back. When compared to the multifunction mechanism, this mechanism is less ergonomic.


If you are looking for an Ergonomic Chair with a wide range of adjustability, then an Ergonomic Chair with multifunction mechanism is the ideal choice. The Ergonomic Chair with multifunction mechanism tilt back from the center of the seat. You can lock this kind of chair in multiple positions. The seat and back angles of the chair adjust independently of each other as well as independent of the tilt.


This kind of mechanism will tilt the chair from just under the knee. If a chair with adjustable back angle is clubbed with the chair having a knee-tilting mechanism, you can enjoy the maximum recline. This kind of chairs is used in conference rooms. Choose the chair which has knee-tilt mechanism along with other back and height adjustment features.

The chairs with Dynamic and Task  mechanism provide basic features.

  • Dynamic chairs are known for their simplicity. This kind of chair reclines rather than tilt.

  • Task chairs are provided with basic features like seat adjustment, height adjustment. The chair with task mechanism doesn’t offer tilt.


Seat Pan depth adjustment: Choose the seat pan which is wider than your hips to enable comfy seating. The seat should help you to place your arms on the armrest of the chair. The depth of the seat pan should allow the user to sit all the all the way back. To adjust the seat depth, there are two ways. A back depth adjuster on the chair back will make the back move in and out rather than the seat. The other kind of adjustment is seat adjustment where the seat slides in and out with the help of a seat slider.

Seat height adjustment: If you are looking for an office chair, then choose the chair with proper height adjusting feature. The height adjustment feature of the chair defines its utility. Choose the chair with a pneumatic adjustment which enables you to adjust the seat height while using the chair. Choose the chair with a wide range of height adjustment so that you can make it useful for a wide range of people.

HEADREST: To relax for a while, you need a chair with proper headrest. The Ergonomic Chair with a good headrest helps you to avoid any neck aches.

ARMREST: The Ergonomic Chair with a proper armrest enables you to work continuously without a stress. Choose the chair with armrests that do not hinder your elbow movement. You can also find  a chair with a pivoting arm, which helps to place their arms in a way which support your activities.

LUMBAR SUPPORT: Choose the chair with good lumbar support. You can find chairs with good lumbar support which offers both depth and vertical adjustment. If you have any lower back problems, then lumbar support is the important thing you have to look for in a chair. The chair with fixed depth lumbar support is acceptable if offers height adjustment feature.

BACKREST HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT:  Choose the chair with a good backrest which can be adjusted according to the height of the user. The backrest should have a sliding mechanism which moves up and down with respect to the height of the user.

Contemporary Ergonomic Chairs are designed to suit modern-day priorities. You can find Ergonomic ball chairs, ergonomic kneeling chairs, ergonomic lounge chairs, ergonomic drafting chairs.

  • Ergonomic ball chairs offer you many health advantages over traditional Ergonomic Chairs.

  • Ergonomic kneeling chairs help you in short term activities which require forward reaching. The main advantage of the ergonomic kneeling chair is that it helps to reduce the burden on your lower back and neck. It helps a lot while you are involved with an art work.

  • Ergonomic Chair with a saddle seat is recommended for modern day activities. This kind of chair helps you to remain fit and healthy. Saddle seating strengthens your back and improves your posture. It also improves the mobility and reach. Due to numerous advantages, saddle Ergonomic Chairs are recommended for all people.

  • Ergonomic office chair is the widely used chair in modern commercial spaces.

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