We often face problems to accommodate guests in our dorm room. To avoid space-related problems, the futon is the ideal choice. A futon is a blend of bed and sofa. One can find traditional Japanese futons and modern American futons. If you are about to buy the futon, then consider different factors which can help you in a long run.

Factors one has to consider while buying a futon are the size of the Futon, Futon mattress, Futon cover.

SIZE: The size of the futon is the primary thing one has to take into account. Measure your room size and the free space in your room. Then plan a space for the futon. Make sure that the size of the futon will not hinder the passageway of the room.

FUTON FRAME: The futon frame is the important thing one has to bear in mind. You can find Wooden and metal futon frames. You should select the frame which complements the décor of the room.

Wooden futon frame: If you are looking for an affordable wooden futon frame, then a pine futon frame is the ideal choice. For people who prefer the durability over affordability, then the hardwood futon is the best option. Hardwood futons made of oak and cherry wood are durable. Wooden frames bring a traditional appeal to the room.

Metal futon frame: Metal Futon frames are durable and sturdy. You can find aluminum futon frames and steel futon frames. Aluminum futon frames are relatively lighter than steel futon frames. For a kid’s room, choose the steel futon frame which is sturdy. Metal futon frames are available in stylish designs and colors which match the modern décor. Contemporary  Metal futon frames are coated with a variety of finishes which are rust resistant and shiny in nature.

FUTON MATTRESS: Futon mattresses are the defining things of futons. If you want to experience a good comfort, then choose the right kind of mattress. The mattress of the futon is available in different sizes, including the queen, the king, twin, full size. Choose the size of the futon mattress based on the futon frame size. If you have no idea about the size, then the following table helps you a lot in choosing the right size of the mattress.


                            DIMENSIONS (in inches)

                QUEEN SIZE

60 x 80

                KING SIZE

76 x 80

                TWIN SIZE

39 x 75

                FULL SIZE

54 x 75


  • The Twin size futon mattress is made with cotton or wool or polyester. This kind of futon is ideal for children who loves to spend their time with their friends.
  • The Full-size futon mattress is  made with cotton or polyester. In the full size futon, users can relax in the way they wish.
  • The queen size and king size futon mattress is available with the inner-spring combination. These mattresses are known for their grand appeal.

FUTON COVERS: The cover of the futon mattress serves two purposes. The futon cover provides protection to the mattress as well as a stylish look to the futon. Choose a Stain resistant synthetic futon cover for living room futons. The ease of maintenance is good for synthetic futon covers. If you want to use the futon as a couch, then choose the synthetic futon cover which is durable. Acrylic, Polyester are popular synthetic fibers. For the  bedroom futons, choose the one which enables the user to have a comfortable sleep. Futon covers come in a variety of materials like cotton, twill, and others. The

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