One often finds it difficult to carry their mattress to their desired place. Inflatable mattresses are designed to address the mobility issues of mattresses. If you are running out of space for guests, then you can bring home the inflatable mattress. This kind of mattress provides a comfortable place for small spaces and rooms. If you are about to buy an inflatable mattress, then spare some time to choose the right kind of inflatable mattress.

The important factors one has to consider while choosing an inflatable mattress are:


Inflatable mattresses are available in different sizes. So you have to measure your room space and plan accordingly. The following table helps you to choose the size of the mattresses.


                 DIMENSIONS [IN INCHES]


               KING SIZE


                   76  X   80


               QUEEN SIZE


                   60  X  80




                   72  X  84


               FULL SIZE


                   54  X  75


               TWIN SIZE


                  39  X   75


               LONG TWIN SIZE


                 39   X   80


If you want a taller inflatable mattress, then choose the mattress from among the three sizes including king size, Californian king size, long twin size. Inflatable mattresses are designed to suit a wide range of users. Based on the comfort, one can customize the height of the mattress.


The inflatable mattress is the occasional mattress used for camps and outdoors. One has to consider the type of the material used for the mattress. Generally, the inflatable mattress is made of vinyl plastic and rubber. The material  should have the high static load capacity. The material should also be puncture resistant. The material should be less in weight and should be easily deflated. If you are choosing an inflatable mattress for a regular use, then choose the one which is made of heavier material.


Inflated mattresses are not recommended for babies because the baby may face breathing problems and may suffocate. The old models of inflatable mattresses are made from the plastic material that emits Volatile organic compounds [VOC’s]. These VOC’s are hazardous to health. If your skin is sensitive, then choose the inflatable mattress with a hypoallergenic covering.


To ensure the longevity of the mattress, one should follow some tips. Choose the mattress cover in a size bigger than the mattress size. Maintain your surroundings clean. You can easily clean the mattress using the water and cleaning solution. You can repair the punctures of the inflatable mattress using a repair kit which features a sealant and supporting material. To avoid punctures to the mattress, choose the extra thick fabric mattress. For the first usage, the mattress should be inflated to about 90 percent of the capacity, so that the vinyl can stretch and expand. Bear in the mind that your mattress is subjected to wear and tear. Over inflated mattresses are not recommended as they are prone to air leakages. If the inflatable mattress is not in use, then deflate it and store in a safe place.

  • Contemporary inflatable mattresses can be used as couches so that you need not deflate it frequently. Be wise to choose from the available options.

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