One often tends to spend their free time in the living room. So, furnish your living room with adorable furniture pieces. A coffee table is one of the important furniture pieces in the living room. Coffee tables are decorative and functional pieces of furniture. It is generally placed at the end of the sofa or at the front of the sofa. We can place drinks and decorative pieces on the coffee table. If you are about to buy a coffee table, then take into account a few things like size, shape, type.


Coffee tables are one of the central furniture in the living room. Based on your décor, choose the right kind of coffee table. You can find different types of coffee tables which can match your taste.

Traditional coffee tables are made from different types of wood. If your home is full of traditional furniture, then complement the space with the traditional coffee table. Look for a coffee table made from hardwood. Oak coffee tables are known for their durability and toughness.

Contemporary coffee tables are the order of the day. You can find contemporary coffee tables made from different types of materials like glass, wood, metal.

  • Glass coffee tables are known for their lustrous appeal. This kind of coffee tables is common in modern living rooms. Unique glass coffee tables, grab the eyeballs.

  • Wooden coffee tables have been part of the living room for centuries. Contemporary wooden coffee tables are made from Solid wood, wood veneer, and particle board.

  • Metal coffee tables are designed with stylish features. You can find metal coffee tables made from brass, aluminum, steel. This kind of coffee tables is known for its durability and portability.

You can also find a coffee table which is made from the combination of wood, metal, glass.

Antique coffee tables are known for their uniqueness. If you want a unique coffee table, then bring home Antique coffee tables with intricate designs.


Based on the space available in the room, select the coffee table. The coffee table should support the activity. The height of the coffee table should match the reference height. Modern coffee tables come in different shapes. If the room is circular, then choose a round coffee table which enhances the elegance of the surroundings. You can also find square and rectangular shaped coffee tables. Choose the coffee table with smooth edges to avoid mishaps and easy transportation. If you run out of space in the living room, then look for a small coffee table.


Though coffee tables are designed to accommodate coffee mugs and kettles, the modern lifestyle changed the course of its utility. If you want to raise the level of the table top, then choose a Lift-top coffee table. Choose the coffee table which has a heat resistant top. If you want a coffee table with a storage space, then choose a coffee table which has drawers and cabinets.

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