Human beings in the quest for uniqueness will leave no option. Your nature is reflected in your surrounding things. To make your home unique, fill it with Antique things which carry high value. Antique things possess good artistic character. Antique things are classified according to their period of prevalence. They stand the test of the time. With different varieties of Antique things in your home, you will travel through the past times. Antique furniture is designed for different rooms. You can find Antique bedroom furniture, Antique dining room, Antique kitchen furniture, Antique living room furniture, French Antique furniture, Swedish Antique furniture and other types. Antique furniture improves the elegance of the normal room.


The Bedroom is the personal space where one forgets the external world. Make your bedroom unique by making Antique bedroom furniture part of it. Bedroom furniture consists of beds, bedroom sets, jewelry chests and so on. Antique bedroom sets with a fine upholstery provide you a comfortable sleep and revitalize your body. Prior to 1830 C.E,  few beds are joined with screws. Most of them are hand made. You can find no sharp edges. Browse FurnishFrame for varieties of Antique bedroom furniture.



The Living room is the place where one spends a lot of time. Your family shares good moments in the living room. Fill your Living room spaces with Antique living room furniture. Antique furniture reflects your taste towards the valuable things. The Living room is the conspicuous part of your home. So make your guests envy by making antique furniture part of your living room. Antique sofas are made with hardwood and are joined using glue. Browse FurnishFrame for Antique living room furniture.


Your Dining room is the place where the whole family assembles. So make that moment happy by placing beautiful things in the dining room. Antique dining room furniture helps you to improve the beauty quotient of your surroundings. Antique dining room chairs with plain design make you travel through the old times. Antique dining furniture adds grandeur to the home. With a durable and classy finish, Antique furniture clear its way into every home. Antique dining furniture is made of solid wood which stands the test of time. Explore FurnishFrame for a myriad of Antique dining room furniture.



Kitchen feeds your home with mouth-watering varieties. Antique kitchen furniture consists of antique drawers and Antique storage tables. Antique furniture in the kitchen helps you with a piece of mind which makes your work stress free. Antique kitchen furniture with its classy appeal, grab the eyeballs. Antique Storage tables have smooth edges when compared to modern. They are made up of durable and tough wood. With Antique kitchen furniture, you will travel through past ages. FurnishFrame feature different varieties of antique kitchen furniture.


In modern times, Antique furniture is considered as a status symbol. Due to its demand in the world, Antique furniture is often in news for high auctioning prices. Affordable antique things are prevalent in more homes across the continents. Antique furniture was made with different woods like mahogany, Oak, Walnut, Rosewood, Elm, Bird’s-Eye maple, Satinwood, Calamander, Sycamore, Kingwood. Mahogany wood is native to South America and West Indies. Its color varies from dark red to brown and rarely has spotted effect. Antique furniture made up of Mahogany became popular in Britain during the 18th century and later it has spread to other countries. Oak furniture is pale in color and hard in nature. It darkens with age and turns to brown. Oak antique furniture is heavy in nature and designed in a simple manner. During the second half of the seventeenth century, Oak was used as a drawer linings of furniture. Oak furniture was revived in Victorian times which was faded out in the Gregorian era. Rosewood is dark wood with black wavy grain. It is used for making solid furniture from the dawn of the nineteenth century. It is mainly used for interior decoration. Bird’s-Eye maple was popular during regency period. It was mainly used for veneers during regency period. It was also used during Victorian and Edwardian eras for bedroom suites. Browse FurnishFrame for a myriad of Antique furniture which suits different décor. French antique furniture and Swedish Antique furniture are popular across all the continents. They carry a good value and also add a royal look to the surroundings.


This kind of furniture pieces is known for its lustrous and elegant appeal. French antique furniture elevates the grandeur of the room. FRENCH ANTIQUE FURNITURE


This kind of furniture redefines your décor. Swedish antique furniture is known for its pleasing and charming appeal.