Your bed is one of the important furniture pieces in the home. At the end of a hectic day, one tends to rest in a comfortable place. Your bed is an ideal place to quench the stress. Some find it difficult to place a bed in their small rooms. To address all the practical problems, storage beds are designed. Initially storage beds are designed for captains of ships. For a long voyage, the captain of the ship often finds it difficult to accommodate all the things in the cabin. To solve the problem, storage beds are designed. So, this kind of bed is also referred as a Captain’s bed.

If you are about to buy a storage bed, then one should bear in mind the following things


Storage beds are available in different types. The most popular among them are

Platform storage beds-  The platform bed is popular cutting across the continents. If you run out of space in your bedroom, then platform storage beds are the ideal choice. This kind of storage beds has a pleasing nature. Platform beds are provided with drawers for storage. The drawers match the style of the bed and will not impede your movement towards the bed. For large rooms, the king size storage bed helps a lot by saving a lot of space.

Ottoman storage beds- This kind of storage beds has been popular for centuries. In this kind of storage bed, the upper part of the bed can be lifted on hinged arms. The upper part of the ottoman storage bed accommodates the mattress and below the upper platform, you can store different items. You can store a myriad of things underneath the arms. If you close the arms of the ottoman storage bed, then it appears like a platform bed. Avoid storing tall items to have a comfortable bedtime.

Divan storage beds- This kind of storage beds has a strong wooden frame with drawers on both sides of the bed. Unlike the ottoman bed, Divan storage beds don’t have hinged arms. The storage space in the divan storage bed is relatively less than the ottoman storage bed. The no of drawers defines the price of the divan storage bed. One can comfortably sleep on the divan storage bed.


The size of the mattress and the frame should go hand in hand. As the mattress define the comfort of the bed, choose the right kind of the bed. Based on the user age group, you should select the mattress size. The following table helps you to choose the right size of the mattress.



                      DIMENSIONS (in inches)


                       76   X   80


                       60   X   80


                       39   X   75


                       54   X   75



If you want a storage bed in your kids’ room, then bring home kids storage beds. Your children can store their play items and other stuff. Make sure that the drawers are easy to pull out. If you want a durable storage bed, then choose a solid wood storage bed. If you are looking for an affordable storage bed, then bring home, storage beds made from particle board.

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