If you run out of space to accommodate the guests, then the chair bed is the ideal choice. It is the perfect piece of furniture for small spaces. You often face problem while having a cat nap on the chair. To have a peaceful catnap, Chair Beds are the ultimate choice. Some people may confuse the chair bed with futon, but the difference between them is that futons do not have armrests while the chair bed has armrests. Futons use a single large cushion, but Chair Beds don’t. It is your wish to choose from the two. Chair Beds are the must have furniture for modern day homes. While choosing the Chair Beds, keep in mind the following factors


The size of the chair bed is the first and foremost thing you have to consider while buying a chair bed. Your Chair bed should perfectly fit into your surroundings. The size of the chair bed is defined by the mattress on the frame. Chair Beds are available in different sizes, including queen size, double size, twin size, and other sizes. So while choosing the Chair bed, you should bear in mind the person who is going to use it.


The mattress is an important part of the chair bed. You can find mattresses in different sizes. The thickness of the mattress is not the only defining factor for comfort. Chair Beds use different types of mattresses. The chair bed mattress is made from different types of materials. You can find traditional innerspring mattresses and foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses offer you an ultimate comfort. Dense foam mattresses are durable compared to the thin ones. If you wish to have a harder mattress, then look for a latex mattress. The innerspring mattress is not comfortable compared to foam mattresses. Users can also add an additional layer by using a mattress topper to enjoy the maximum comfort. The following table will help you to choose the right size of the mattress.


                 DIMENSIONS (IN INCHES)


               KING SIZE


                   76  X   80


               QUEEN SIZE


                   60  X  80




                   72  X  84


               FULL SIZE


                   54  X  75


               TWIN SIZE


                  39  X   75


               LONG TWIN SIZE


                 39   X   80




The frame is the supporting part of the chair bed. You can find metal and wooden frame. The chair bed with a wooden frame is sturdy and heavy. Wooden Chair Beds are known for their traditional appeal. Chair Beds with metal frames are weightless and durable. Contemporary Chair Beds are designed with suitable frames so that you can easily convert the chair into a bed.

One can find different types of Chair Beds like Bean Bag Chair Beds and fold out Chair Beds. Bean Bag Chair Beds are the sought after Chair Beds. You wonder how your past life has passed without the chair bed. Chair Beds make you relax in the paradise of comfort. Browse FurnishFrame for a myriad of Chair Beds. FurnishFrame provides branded Chair Beds at pocket-friendly  prices.