Generally, Human beings convey their nature through the things around them. In the world led by conspicuous consumption, the décor of the home matters a lot. Current lifestyle is cross linked with trendy accessories and fixtures. Bathrooms are vital for the health of the family. People refresh themselves in bathrooms. As cleanliness is next to godliness, furnish the bathroom with an effective Bathware. Through this article, we put forward a few ideas to enhance the appeal of the bathroom.

 Glance over the following steps to create an ideal bathroom décor.

  •     Earmark specific amount exclusive for bathroom décor.
  •     Measure the bathroom space.
  •     Take into account size and age composition of the household.
  •     Segregate the bathroom space for different functions which include Shower, Bathtub, Vanity, and Utility space.
  •     Embellish the bathroom with different fixtures and storage furniture, which elevate the elegance of the surroundings.

Money drives the gamut of the bathroom décor. To address the needs of the people from all walks of life, designers across the world have been working for cost-effective solutions. Budgetary Bathroom designs pay heed to the views of all sections of society.


The space in the bathroom determines its utility. Based on the dimensions of the room, demarcate the room to accommodate different fixtures. It is a bit easy to fill the large bathroom space with different items. Don’t let space to limit your choices. Even for a small room, there are flamboyant designs. Make sure that fixtures easily fit in the room without hindering the passage and the functional area. In a space constraint environment, prioritize the bathroom fixtures based on the interest of the household. Numerous space saving fixtures are designed to suit the small bathrooms.


The contour of the bathroom can be really advantageous if you are planning a different décor. Circular bathrooms enhance the grandeur of the area. Square shaped bathrooms are common in most of the houses. Odd shaped bathrooms are prevalent in houses with irregular contours. Choose Bathroom fixtures based on the shape of the bathroom.

COLOR AND STYLE OF THE BATHROOM: The bathroom’s color should match the taste of the household. If the bathroom is attached to the bedroom, then bear in mind the style and the color of the bedroom décor. The style of the bathroom should reflect the taste of the user. Bathrooms with modern fixtures and stylish storage furniture pieces make a style statement. Mosaic Bathrooms are the order of the day. 


Though Bathroom fixtures are functional in nature, they also define the richness of the décor. Bathroom fixtures include Sinks, Faucets, Shower Faucets, Toilets, Vanities, Storage fixtures, Bathtubs, Bidets,  Lighting fixtures.

SINKS: Bathroom sinks are also referred as Washbasins. Sinks are made of different materials which include Ceramic, Copper, Wood, Copper, Concrete, Stainless steel, Soapstone and other materials. The shape of the sink adds value to the existing bathroom décor. The dimensions of the sink are not standardized. Generally, Round sinks are designed with a diameter of 16-20 inches and a depth of 5-8 inches. Rectangular sinks are designed with a length of 19-24 inches and a breadth of 23 inches. The depth is common for all sinks.

The most-sought after sinks are:

  •   Self-Rimming Sinks
  •   Console Sinks
  •   Pedestal Sinks
  •   Wall-Mounted Sinks
  •   Vessel Sinks
  •   Undermount Sinks


These are also referred as Drop-in sinks. Self-rimming sinks are so named because the sink is supported by a rim on the countertop which is encircled to the bowl. This type of sinks can be easily installed to the existing counter. Self-Rimming sinks are known for their stylish appeal.


Console sinks share the facets of both Wall-Mounted sinks and Pedestal sinks. This type of sink is also referred as a Wall hung sink. These sinks are attached to the wall. Console sinks draw their support from the legs. The gap between the legs offers a storage space. Being compact and versatile, this type of sink is ideal for a space constraint bathroom.


This type of sink is similar to a Console sink except for a storage option. It features a wide basin and a narrow base resembling the birdbath in shape. Pedestal sinks eat less space. Hence, it finds a place in small bathrooms. Pedestal sinks are not suitable to the vanity area.


These sinks are supported by the wall and thus eliminate the need for a vanity base or countertop. Wall-Mounted sinks enable you to use the extra space beneath the sink. These sinks are provided with a shroud to hide the piping. It can be fixed at different heights to suit a wide range of users. This type of sink is a smart choice for small bathrooms.


Vessel sinks are otherwise called as Countertop sinks. This type of sink features a bowl-shaped vessel that sits on the countertop. Vessel sinks need a pop-up drain to discharge the waste water. Its design and style catch the peoples’ eye. Vessel sinks do not require any under mount installation.


The name says everything. Undermount sinks are fixed below the countertop. One can use the counter space effectively with low maintenance. Make sure that the countertop is made of solid material to withstand the weight of the sink. Undermount sinks are widely used sinks.

BATHTUBS: Bathtubs express the grandeur of the bathroom. People often spend their free time in Bathtubs by reading books and sipping wine. It has a high utility factor. So, choose the Bathtub, which matches your definition of comfort. Contemporary Bathtubs are designed to suit the profile of a wide range of users.

CLAWFOOT BATHTUBS: This type of Bathtub resembles a Freestanding Bathtub. It is so named because of its claw-shaped feet. Generally, Clawfoot Bathtubs are made of porcelain, acrylic, steel, and cast iron. Their antique appeal grabs the eyeballs. Floor mounted faucets or Wall mounted faucets can be fixed to the Clawfoot Bathtub. Based on the bathroom plumbing, one can easily install the Clawfoot Bathtub.

DROP-IN BATHTUBS: These are also called as Built-in tubs. There are numerous benefits associated with this type of bathtubs. First and foremost among them is its space-saving feature. For a small bathroom, choose a Drop-In Bathtub with which one can escape compromise. This type of Bathtub is affordable to all sections of the society. Usually, Drop-In Bathtubs are provided with a wall flush and thus enable the user to design a storage platform beside the tub. Plumbing for Drop-In Bathtubs is tucked and concealed. Ease of maintenance is high. This kind of Bathtubs will not be subjected to cracks and crevices.

RECESSED BATHTUBS: These are widely used Bathtubs because of its affordability and appeal. To match the décor of the room, Recessed Bathtubs are designed in different shapes which include Square, Oval, Round, Rectangular, and others. Recessed Bathtubs are also called as alcove Bathtubs. They are so named owing to the fact that one side of the Bathtub is merged in the wall of the room. Recessed Bathtubs are ideal for small bathrooms. Recessed Bathtubs can be configured to enjoy the shower as they are installed against the wall.

JACUZZI BATHTUBS:  Hot tubs are referred as Jacuzzi Bathtubs. To experience the environment of the spa, furnish your bathroom with Jacuzzi Bathtubs. Nozzles are fixed to the walls of the Jacuzzi Bathtub.  Usually, Jacuzzis are used in Hydrotherapy to treat stress and other muscle related problems. Users can sail on the ocean of happiness and ease their body. Generally, Jacuzzi Bathtubs are designed for multiple users. Jacuzzi Bathtubs elevate the appeal of the bathroom. Before purchasing the Jacuzzi Bathtub, take into account the power supply, design, safety, and plumbing.

FREESTANDING BATHTUBS: This type of Bathtubs is designed in different shapes and are made of different materials. Their appeal makes a style statement in the bathroom. Freestanding Bathtubs are widely used across the world. Freestanding Bathtubs are easy to install unlike Drop in Bathtubs. Depending on the plumbing facility, one can move it from one place to another place.

Modern Bathtubs are made of durable materials which ensure longevity beside providing gorgeous appeal to the bathroom. If you are a bookworm, then place a Bookcase adjacent to the bathtub. Before buying a bathtub, bear in mind the height and age of the household.

FAUCETS: Faucets are classified into Shower faucets, Sink faucets, Bathtub faucets. Faucets represent the households’ sense of style. The shape and design of the faucet add value to the elegance of the bathroom décor. Generally, faucets are made of different metals which include Brass, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Chrome,  and other materials.

SINK FAUCETS: Before buying a sink faucet, look into these things

  • Mounting type- It decides the ease of access. Not all faucets can be fitted to the sinks. The most sought after models are Centerset, Wall-Mount, Widespread, Vessel, Single-Hole Sink faucets. 
  • Control options- Though it is simple to turn off or on the faucet, contemporary faucets come with different control options. Push button faucets are widely used in commercial spaces. Choose faucets with Lever handles to enhance the décor. Joystick Sink faucets are known for their chic appeal. Modern faucets come with smart options which can control the temperature and flow of water.
  • Construction- The water flow is controlled by the valve inside the faucet. The durability and reliability of the valve depend on the quality of the valve and its washer. Compression valve faucets are commonly used faucets. They work on a simple mechanism through a stem that falls and rises to close and open the nozzle of the faucet. Compression valve faucets feature a washer. Ceramic Disc faucets can be easily maintained. Cartridge faucets employ a cylindrical cartridge to regulate the flow of water. Ceramic Disc Faucets are known for their reliability. Ball faucets feature a rotating metal or plastic ball which helps to tune the flow of water

SHOWER FAUCETS: Shower faucets serve both functional and ornamental needs of the bathroom. It is said that people get a lot of ideas under the influence of the shower. Besides cleansing the body, showers also refresh and rejuvenate the soul. Before buying a shower faucet, take into account the size of the bathroom, the height of the bathroom. Decide about the spray style of the faucet.

Types Of Shower Fixtures:

The spray pattern determines the effectiveness of the shower bath. Based on the Shower Heads, Shower fixtures are classified into a few types. They are Body sprays, Hand held shower heads, Rain showers, Single-head spray shower heads, Dual and multiple spray shower heads.

  • Body sprays enable users to experience the spa in the shower area. Body sprays have several shower heads fixed into the shower wall. The utility of the body spray depends on the plumbing system of the bathroom. There are limitless alignment options for Body sprays.
  •   Hand held shower heads are known for their flexibility. A sprayer is fixed to a flexible hose, which allows access to clean the targeted area.
  •   Rain showers are generally fixed to the ceiling of the bathroom. This kind of shower fixtures mimics the rainfall. Seamless jet wipes out the work tension at the end of the day.
  •   Single-head spray shower heads have been part of the bathroom décor for many years. These shower heads feature one or multiple nozzles. Users can modulate the flow pattern from concentrated to wide streams.
  •   Dual and multiple spray shower heads allow the end user to enjoy various shower options. Through a hand lever, one can regulate the flow of water between a hand held shower head and a wall-mounted shower head.

SHOWER VALVES: The valve is used to regulate the pressure and temperature of the water. There are few types of shower valves namely Thermostatic valves, Anti-scald pressure-balance valves, Mixing valves, Pressure-balance valves.

  •   Thermostatic valves help to maintain constant temperature and pressure. This type of valve is a bit costlier compared to the normal valve.
  •   Pressure-balance valves permit the user to maintain the uniform pressure along the flow of water.
  •   Anti-scald pressure-balance valves are versatile valves. They are designed by considering various safety factors.
  •  Mixing valves are used to mix the hot and cold water. Control lever helps the user to change the nature of water stream.

The finish of the shower fixture determines its durability. Modern fixtures are finished with copious kinds of finishes namely Polished Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Bronze, Polished Brass and so on. Steam showers are the order of the day. 

BATHTUB FAUCETS: The bathtub faucet should be handy and durable. The bathtub faucet is similar to the normal faucet. Make sure that the faucet should be embedded with control valves. Sleek and elegant bathtub faucets complement the existing faucets. Shoppers can find numerous types of bathtub faucets which match their preferences.

TOILETS: Though some people feel weird to talk about toilets, but they form an important part of our lifestyle. Generally, toilets are installed in the bathroom. Before purchasing a toilet for your bathroom, consider the space available in the bathroom, the preferred style, Bowl shape, and height.

SPACE- The space available in the bathroom determines the shape and size of the toilet. In a small bathroom, it is hard to find the right spot to fix the toilet bowl. Calculate the Rough-in size for the installation of the toilet. It refers to the distance between the wall behind the toilet and the center of the drain pipe. The standard distance is 10-14 inches.  Leave clearance space around the toilet bowl.

STYLE- Toilets come in two models. Wall hung toilets, One piece toilets and Two piece toilets are the prevailing styles.

  •   Wall hung toilets are directly mounted to the wall. Unlike the other toilet models, the drain of the toilet will be fitted to the wall. Ease of maintenance is very good.
  •   One piece toilets are one of the space saving options for the bathroom. The bowl and the tank of the toilet are amalgamated into a single piece. This type of sanitary ware presents a stylish appeal to the bathroom.
  •   Two piece toilets derive their name from their assemblage. This toilet model features a separate tank and bowl, which are connected by a pipe. Two piece toilets are economical. Hence, they are used by a large section of people. 

SHAPE & HEIGHT OF THE BOWL- Toilet bowls are designed in round and elongated shapes. Round bowls can be fitted even in a small space. Elongated bowls assure the comfort to the user. The toilet rim will be at the height of 14 to 15 inches from the ground for a standard-sized toilet. For disabled, the rim should be at the height of 16 1/2 inches from the ground level as per the ADA.

  •    The shape of the seat follows the shape of the bowl. Normally, seats are made of wood, cushioned vinyl, plastic, polypropylene, and other materials. Slow-close toilet seats produce less or no noise and are also safe to use. The color of the toilet seat should match the décor of the bathroom.

FLUSHING SYSTEM- The flushing system should be user-friendly. There are different types of flushing mechanisms, namely Gravity-flush system, Pressure-Assisted Flush system, Dual Flush system. The Proper flushing system helps the user with an easy maintenance. A Waterless toilet is a good option for a bathroom without a proper water supply.

  • According to federal laws, Toilets should not use more than 1.6 gallons water per flush. Eco-Friendly toilet models use even less water.

URINALS AND BIDETS: Generally, we find urinals in commercial establishments. Modern Bathroom settings include urinals. Bidets are used to maintain the personal hygiene. These are fixed beside the toilet. Nowadays, toilets also feature an inbuilt bidet. 

STORAGE FIXTURES: These include storage cabinets, Free standing shelves, Linen Towers, Towel racks, Hampers, Over-the-toilet storage, Shower caddies & baskets. The space in the bathroom determines the size of the storage furniture. Make sure that the storage furniture will not congest the environment of the room.

  • Hampers are deployed in the bathrooms to store used garments.
  • To accommodate toilet cleaners and other sanitary items, furnish the bathroom with an Over-the-toilet storage furniture.
  •  Linen towers and Towel racks can accommodate a set of items in an organized manner. Choose the Linen tower, which complements the existing décor. Towel racks are must have furniture pieces for the bathroom.

BATHROOM VANITY: After having a pleasant bath, people tend to dress, near the vanity. The bathroom vanity will ventilate various facets of households. The vanity area feature mirrors, lighting fixtures, Faucets, Vanity sinks, Vanity tops, and vanity bases.

VANITY BASE & MIRROR- Based on the height and the width of the room, choose the vanity base and the mirror. The size of the mirror and the vanity base should go hand in hand. Make some space for the mirror and the vanity table.  The size of the mirror and the vanity base should go hand in hand. Vanity tables can accommodate various things in their drawers. Vanity Sinks will be embedded on the top of the vanity base. The vanity base should withstand the weight of the vanity sink and the vanity top.

VANITY SINK AND VANITY TOP- Choose a vanity sink which complements the existing set-up. As the vanity sink is fixed beside the vanity top, it may get damaged by the spillage of water. So, choose the vanity top which is made of water resistant materials. Ceramic Vanity tops are widely used across the world. Other popular varieties include Glass Vanity tops, Fireclay Vanity tops, Granite Vanity tops.  

BATHROOM LIGHTING: Ample lighting in the bathroom serves both functional and decorative purposes.  The shape and the color of the light recite the style of the bathroom. Modern lighting fixtures amplify the elegance of the bathroom. Before choosing the lighting fixture, consider the color and the size of the bathroom.

To conclude, blend the bathroom décor with contemporary and stylish furnishings. Designers around the world designed various efficient and affordable sanitary ware. Think smart and act wisely.