Nurturing the newborn and growing a tree sapling are pretty much the same. It is the responsibility of the parent or the caretaker to assure a happy beginning to the newborn. The environment in the baby’s room has a profound impact on the growth of the baby. Numerous studies have proven the aforementioned fact.

To start with, the room color and the decor carry a good value in the makeover of the baby’s room. The room’s transformation should follow the age of the baby.


The room décor plays a key role in the development of the baby. So, spare some time to find the right kind of décor items. Room décor includes Rugs, Pillows, Wall hangings, Wall charts, Curtains, Picture frames, Displays, Bookends, Decorative Accents, Mobiles, and so on.

  • Hygiene is two-thirds of health. Rugs are vital to filth-free surroundings. So, use Rugs in the baby’s room. Statement Rugs serve both functional and decorative needs. The pattern of the Rug defines the style of the room. Theme based Rugs are the order of the day.
  • Wall hangings are a part of the Wall décor. Regarding the wall décor, options are innumerable. Theme based paintings, Canvas arts, Educational charts, Hanging initials, Wall plaques, Framed Arts, Wall borders, Projected pictures, and others. Parents find immense love in the baby’s smile. Comic cartoons are second to none when it comes to entertaining.
  • Colorful pillows enhance the elegance of the room. The pillow states the style of the room and also draws the attention of the baby.
  • Curtains are suspended at the entry way of the room. Curtains provide privacy to the inhabitants. Theme based curtains with embroidered patterns are trending. Window curtains protect the baby from harmful sunlight and other environmental stresses. Transparent curtains provide ample sunlight, which helps to nourish the baby’s skin. Opaque curtains isolate the sunlight from the baby. A Semi-opaque curtain is the best option for the baby’s room. Contemporary curtains come with different colors and styles. The durability of the curtain is determined by the fabric used.
  • Unlike teenage, Babyhood deals with a less number of books. Placing a Bookend in the baby’s room will have a good number of advantages. Bookends help the baby to develop familiarity with books from the play age. Animal theme Bookends are widely used.
  • Mobiles are suspended from the top of the crib. Bear They are instrumental in providing hassle-free sleep. The mobile should sink to the baby’s psyche.  Animal and bird shaped Mobiles attract babies and give them a good time to nap. Musical mobiles have a myriad of proven advantages. To cite a few, they can distract the pain of the baby post-vaccination and can soothe the baby in the harsh environment.
  • Paintings draw the attention of the baby. Fill the baby’s room with decorative paintings. Paintings can be used to convey the essential information to the baby. Not only the painting but also the picture frame matters a lot for the baby’s room. Picture frames come with a variety of borders. Paintings complement the existing décor. Picture frames and Displays are the must have things for the baby’s room décor.
  • Decorative Accents serve ornamental purposes. There are manifold Decorative Accents apart from the above-mentioned things. Embellish the baby’s room with Decorative Accents which creates a visual interest.
  • Wall charts are used for both informative and decorative purposes. Often, growth charts feature stages and standards of the baby’s growth. Paediatrics Growth charts help to track the growth of the baby. 


The furniture constitutes an important part of the baby’s room.  So, one should be conscious while choosing the furniture. 

BEDROOM FURNITURE- Often good health is associated with the duration of the sleep. For a few years, babies tend to sleep more. On an average, babies will sleep 15-16 hours a day. While toddlers aged 3-5 years love to sleep for 13 hours a day. It is evident that most of the baby’s time is linked to the bed. So, make some time to shop a good bedroom furniture.

Generally, babies start their journey in cradles. From the cradle, they will be shifted to crib. For the baby, Eagerness and curiosity drive the time. Cribs will grab the attention of the young ones. They can be modified to suit the profile of the baby. The size of the crib is an important thing to be considered. The United States Consumer Products Safety Commission (USCPSC) has prescribed the interior dimensions for the crib. According to it, the width of the crib should be 28  ± 5/8 inches and the length of the crib should be 52 3/8  ±  5/8 inches. Look for a Crib which is guarded by a safety railing. Parents will breathe a sigh of relief, as the railing can promise the safety of the baby. Bunk beds provide a play area for the children, even in a congested place.

Crib mattresses define the comfort of the bedtime. The size of the mattress should be a bit smaller than the crib. The mattress should have a minimum length of 51 ¼ inches and a minimum width of 27 ¼ inches. Popular mattresses available across the globe are Foam mattresses, Innerspring mattresses, Organic mattresses. Analyze pros and cons of each type of mattress and act accordingly. 

  • Foam mattresses are popular because of their affordability. They are made of polyurethane, which has advantages and disadvantages. Polyurethane mattresses can withstand heavy loads and also have tear resistance. Polyurethane mattresses have less durability. Foam mattresses are easy to maintain and are less in weight. This kind of mattresses is designed with different depths.
  • Innerspring mattresses are known for their durability. Though they are comparatively costlier than the foam mattresses, but their advantages drive users. This kind of mattress is the most sought after mattress. The firmness of the Innerspring mattress is matchless.
  • Organic mattresses are expensive. The advantages of the organic mattresses outweigh its disadvantages. They are safe and free from chemicals. This type of mattress is recommended for babies and kids, as they are prone to infections and allergies. 

Note: The firmness of the baby mattress should be high. The mattress should not conform to the body shape of the baby. Less firm mattresses can cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

BATHROOM FURNITURE-  Bath time for the baby is more of a fun. Splashing water in a gentle way will tickle the baby’s funny-bone. While dealing with the baby in the bathroom, parents should be extra cautious. Avoid haphazard bathroom construction and plan systematically. During the infancy, the immunity of the baby is very low and he/she is prone to various infections and diseases. So, the cleanliness of the bathroom is important. Don’t let the water to stagnate. Embellish the baby’s bathtub with different floats.

Bathtubs and Faucets- Never leave your baby alone in the bathtub. It can hurt the baby in a bad way. The appeal of the bathtub is the pulling factor. To create a joyous environment in the bathroom, shop an attractive bathtub. The bathtub faucets should be handy with smooth edges. Kids want to push all boundaries of happiness in the bathroom.The bathtub is the place where they enjoy the maximum. Make sure that the bathtub has a proper channel to drain the water.



  • Changing tables and dressers are the important furniture for the baby’s and kid’s room. Parents are required to change the diapers of the baby frequently. To ease that mess, bring home, the changing table. Contemporary Changing tables are designed with shelves and suitable platforms. 
  • Dressers can accommodate different things. Choose the one which has a suitable handle. Dressers with mirrors are known for their versatility. 
  • Hampers are used in the bathroom to store used clothes. Hampers with themes complement the existing décor.
  • Step stools help the kid to climb different heights. Choose the one which can withstand the weight of the baby. 
  • Towel racks are employed in the baby’s room to hold bath towels. Use towel racks which are made of rust-resistant materials.
  • Gliders and Rocking chairs are very helpful for the baby as well as for parents. Rocking chairs are recommended for lactating mothers. While purchasing a Rocking chair, check whether it has an inbuilt locking mechanism.
  • Nightstands are one of the essentials required for the kid’s bedroom. They come with shelves and pull out drawers.

Choose the certified furniture which has complied with the safety standards.

BEDDING AND BATH: Furnishing the kid’s room with different furniture is not sufficient. Garnish the furniture with suitable covers and sheets to elevate the look of the surroundings. Bedding material includes Mattresses, Pillow covers, Blankets, Bedsheets. Shower curtains, Towels & Washcloths are used in the bathroom. 

  • Enable your kid to sleep in a peaceful and comfortable environment. As stated earlier, mattress defines the comfort of the crib. Baby blankets and Quilts are essential things required for the kid’s bed. Blankets provide an ambient temperature for the kid to sleep. Quilts are used to cover the mattress. Unfurl themed Bed sheets and Pillow covers which proliferate the happy mood of the kid.
  • Towels and Washcloths form part of the bathroom essentials. After the bath, it is not safe for the baby to remain wet. So, use bath towels to wipe the baby’s body. The towel should be skin-friendly as the baby’s skin is sensitive. Kids love to wrap theme based towels. Let their happiness multiply by gifting the towel which is on their wish list. 
  • Kids enjoy the shower to the maximum extent. Use Shower Curtains in the shower area. They not only provide privacy but also help you maintain the surroundings clean. Shower Curtains come in a variety of models ranging from transparent to opaque.
  • Washcloths are one of the essential things required for the baby’s room. They can be used in multiple ways. 
  • Bath mats are laid at the entrance of the bath area and the shower area. They absorb the wetness of feet and permit the kid to walk. Bath mats are made of different materials like Natural fiber, Carbon fiber, and other polymers. Contemporary Bath mats come with Skid-resistant suction cups which prevents the baby from slipping off. Statement-making Bath mats are the order of the day.
  • Lighting holds great significance in the kid’s room. Illuminate the room with flamboyant lights. The light beam follows the shape of the fixture. Table lamps and Ceiling lamps are common light fixtures of the kid’s room. 

PLAY AREA and OUTDOORS: Who doesn’t love playing? Every living creature in the world plays in one or other way. Allocate some space in the house, where parents can spend some time with their kids. Playing with kids can quench the stress of the hectic day. Furnish the play area in such a way that makes one forget the age and get immersed in the childish activity. There are numerous options to design the play area. 

Early childhood will get attracted to mobiles. That’s the reason, cribs are fixed with mobiles. In the growing stage, they will get exposed to different things. In the quest for happiness, they demand toys and other playing things. Animal and cartoon themed toys grab the eyeballs of the kid. Surroundings can turn filthy if the toys are not properly arranged and maintained. Equip the toddler’s room with Toy organizers and Toy boxes. Storage Bins with attractive colors enhance the elegance of the room.

When kids start thinking smart, gift them Puzzles, Problem-solving kits, Mozaic puzzle arts, and other creative things. These things benefit the kid in the long run. Not only the mind but also the soul revitalizes with such kind of stuff.

Both outdoor and indoor environment matters the same. Furnish the lawn and patio with Rocking chairs, Benches, Chairs.    

At a pre-school age, allow your toddler learn living skills. Modify your patio by adding a Playhouse. The following advantages make it an indispensable thing.


  • Playhouses enable the kid to socialize and start their journey towards community living. 
  • They stimulate the hidden creativity and make them realize their potential.
  • They also encourage group plays and accomplishing collective tasks.
  • They help the kid get rid of the sedentary lifestyle and engage them in physical activity.

To sum up, it provides a simulation for the kid to face the world with grit and determination.

Make sure that your children should not regret the moment. Stand in their shoes and act accordingly. There are countless kiddish designs. As the taste differs from tongue to tongue, the design can be unique. The uniqueness of the décor will be reflected in its furniture. Be wise to select the right kind of products.