Restaurants, bars, and eatery houses became a part of our lifestyle. To enhance sales, touching the emotions of people is of paramount concern. Getting connected to the patrons is the primary bothering of any restaurant owner. This article is majorly entitled to uncover furniture designs, styles, and major influencing issues to set up a restaurant.

Explore Guide in a Nutshell:

  1. Furniture Needs Vary As Per Restaurant Type
  2. Deterministic Factors to Choose Best Quality Restaurant Furniture  
  3. End-to-End Details of Commercial Restaurant Furniture 
  4. Tips to choose Right Bar Stool


A. Furniture Needs Vary As Per Restaurant Type

Unique and attractive looks are the innermost urges of any restaurant owner to steal the deal from customers. So many owners desire to keep charming furniture designs in their restaurants. Like how, each individual has a unique style and gesture, in the same way, restaurant styles also change. If the type of a table or chair is found to be irrelevant for the specific restaurant, then people think that it can't cook their meal. Hence we must choose the furniture sets that well met with the specifications.

  • Buffets:

Durability should be your major parameter when buying furniture for a buffet restaurant. Whether buffet is luxurious or simple, the tables or chairs must be durable. Alongside easily cleanable restaurant furniture is essential, hence opting for metal and wooden tables or chairs can be the best choice. 

  • Bistros:

               Bistro furniture engenders casual ambiance and readily creates the favorite restaurant setup. Simple bases, round-top tables, and plain sailing designer padded chairs are the best options for bistro restaurants. So  customers feel tangible comfort and get entertained with the intimate ambiance offered by bistro chairs.

  • Cafes:

Cafes that serve small-scale foods such as patties and pastries immensely need some small sized pretty tables to entice the visitors. Locating comfortable chairs on the café enable the customers to easily access their books or laptops. Filling the cafes with innovative and impressive furniture designs ensure to promptly win over the appreciation of teenagers.

  • Food Courts

We often see food courts in heavy traffic areas like airport or shopping mall. There is no bar that defines furniture specifications for food courts.  Bright and colorful furniture designs allure food court visitors to a maximum extent. You need to focus on buying easily cleanable and maintainable furniture sets for food courts. So, metal or plastic chairs with laminated table combination can be the best choice for a food court. 

  • Brasseries

A brasserie has rich décor furnishings that eventually attract the aristocratic ambiance lovers.  Elegant bentwood chairs and designer wooden tops are the optimal choices for a brassiere. Selection of elegant furniture is a pivotal component for any brasserie.  

  • Brewpubs

These are the highest quality restaurants in which you can get premium quality and expensive food. Brewpubs not only serve premium quality food but alongside they brew superior beer on the premises.  Wooden tables are the best picks to enjoy high-quality brewpubs.  The combination of bentwood chairs with stylish wooden tables gives a stunning impression to the customers who steps into these lavishing brewpubs. 

The above-mentioned styles are more popular, and there are few other kinds of restaurants that majorly focuses on interior decoration by using distinct chairs and tables. Whatever may be the kind of restaurant you has, choosing a sturdy and beautiful furniture is obligatory. Locating the influential and easily cleanable furniture is the key component to flourish in the emerging market.  

B. Deterministic Factors to Choose Best Quality Restaurant Furniture

Placement of wrong furniture piece will spoil the happiness despite it is placed in a home or restaurant. If it is restaurant furniture, then definitely it’s going to impact the business to a great extent. So we need to carefully pick the furniture for restaurants or bars. Generally, booth seating suits better for cafes, restaurants, or bars with their effective space utilization.

(I) Attributes to Consider Before Picking Restaurant/ Bar Furniture

The below-mentioned aspects simplify the challenges of buying best furniture for restaurants.

         1.  Quality

              Quality is the primary urge of any individual who visits the restaurant. Durability estimation is one of the essential parameters that any restaurant owner considers, so it is advised not to opt for low-quality ones and buy only the long-lasting furniture sets. It is undeniable that every furniture piece has an expiry date, but buying a fast damaged item may steal few more dollars from you. Especially quality cafe chairs are the obligatory requirement for any cafe owner.

     2.  Comfort

               Placing comfortable furniture in your restaurant hugely enhances the reputation and enables the people to easily get along. So ensure to buy furniture sets that facilitate in providing good customer experience. 

     3. Color and Design

         Design and color play the deterministic role to purchase any kind of restaurant furniture. So choosing warm and invitational colors can drag the attention of customers. Cordial colors inspire your customers and greatly helps to gain more profits for the business. Café chairs with green and yellow color eminently   discourage the people from eating large quantities of food, so avoid these colors when choosing furniture   for restaurants.

     4.  Hygiene

         To lower the likelihood of food poisoning, select the furniture which is easily cleanable without any struggle. This will ensure to reduce cost wages and saves staff time. 

     5. Price

         Profit gain is the major aim of any business. So getting quality furniture within budget gives an impressive   ROI to the owners. So make sure to bring each furniture set of your restaurant within the budget estimate. Also, focus on warranty period and then pick your favorite piece.


C. End-to-End Details of Commercial Restaurant Furniture

Many online businesses and stores offer huge discounts on commercial restaurant furniture items. So restaurant owners need to focus on buying the highest quality furniture in order to escape from unpleasant experiences. Types of commercial seating vary from traditional to contemporary ranges such as stacking chairs, wood panel booths, bar stools, upholstered barstools, and patio chairs. Developing an effective content plan to promote your restaurant furniture should be the essential criteria for any business owner. 

I. Essential Tips To Consider Before Buying Restaurant Furniture

Three things majorly influence the restaurant owners to progressively flourish in the market such as ability, patience, and dedication. The success of a restaurant business depends on two factors such as invested time and contributed efforts irrespective of restaurant types such as a modern sushi bar or traditional family restaurant. Focusing on furniture and décor should be your primary goal to enhance the sales margin. Suppose if your restaurant has uncomfortable or dull appealing furniture, then it is very crucial to win more loyal customers. 

II. Types of Bar Stools Designs

Classic Bar Stools:

Bar stools are superior comfortable items that aptly serve during relaxing evening hours. Though it is a pub or bar table, placing a suitably upholstered wood bar stool not only comforts the seating but also add a classic touch to the aura. Vinyl upholstery bar stools stood as best sellers for commercial usage. Select terrific colors such as aqua green, tea rose, royal blue, and ebony to entice visitors up to a great extent. 

Modern Bar Stools:

Locating contemporary bar stools at your restaurant exceedingly caters to the needs and interests of hip hop crowds. Placing upholstered back bar stools can be the perfect choice for restaurants that majorly features fusion lounges or cuisines. Choosing coolest color choices such as Candy Apple, Yellow Gold, Indigo, and Georgia Clay for bar stool enhances the grace of the place. Also, selecting pretty fabric colors like Evergreen, Seagull, and Olive eventually drag the attention of patrons.

Outdoor Bar Stools:

If your bar or restaurant has an outdoor expansion such as pool area, terrace, or patio, then you have got the opportunity to take advantage of it. This kind of open air spaces acts as excellent boosters to increase the sales, especially during night times. Make sure to mix the right theme with right bar stools for your outdoor restaurant, or it may drop down your sales. Multiple styles of bar stools are available in the market with varied shapes, materials, and sizes. So, restaurant owners need to follow some helpful tips before buying.

Metal Bar and Counter Stools

Metal bar stools feature sturdy and lightweight construction which can be the ideal option for distinct rooms. Though your chosen style is rustic, bold, industrial, or chic, these metal stools extensively add beauty to existing furnishings.

Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stools

The rustic appealing adjustable height stool adds a lovely addition to your bar. This furniture item ensures to add charm to the area where it has been placed. These stylish swivel bar stools are available in several colors such as white, red, green, and brown. Some manufacturers are using powder coating to enhance durability.

Casual ‘n’ Comfy Bar Stools

These bar stools are the perfect fit for any kind of decor and these are not too traditional or too modern but offers lasting appeal to interim homes. These stools can be used in the dining area, nook, breakfast, and kitchen of your home. These casual bar stools are beautifully modern and simple.

Oversized Bar Stools

Oversized bar stools appeal so cute and allow to sit conveniently, and your restaurant or bar captivates the attention of visitors with these oversized stools at the first sight. Because additional padding gives the impression of extra comfort than regular ones. These bar stools are built super sturdy and are perfect furniture items to gather at night parties. Alignment of footrests over four sides enhances the sitting experience. Also, these bar stools have high weight capacity. Many reputed stores and online sellers are offering various colored oversized bar stools such as chestnut, walnut, black, and white. 

Faux-Leather Counter & Bar Stools

Faux leather offers extra cozy and cute seating experience to the patrons. Basically, faux leather stools are available in both contemporary and traditional style with their smooth upholstered seats and top density foam-backs. These bar stools are available in both bar size and counter size as well. You can obtain counter stools in both vibrant and neutral colors as per your taste. Each stool has steel ball bearings to smoothly turn up to 360°. 

III. Weather Resistant:  Firstly, you need to decide where you want to place the bar stool like it can be a movable furniture or will be left outside. If you choose to place a fixed bar stool, then choose the product that firmly withstands against UV sunlight, rain, and light wind weather conditions. Wood can’t be a perfect choice for outdoor spaces as it can easily rot, warp, or peel for sensitive weather conditions and finally, you need to pay for a new set. Pick durable materials like chrome, aluminum, and wrought iron for an outdoor bar stool.

IV. Appeal Matters A lot:  Selecting commercial bar stools can be very challenging during this competitive period. So restaurant owners need to analyze their target audience and their eating habits. Suppose if the restaurant caters to modern, teenager, and hip crowd, then definitely you need to look for stainless steel and shiny chrome bar stool for your restaurant. In case your eatery mainly features Polynesia fare or Fusion cuisine, then wicker, bamboo, and rattan made bar stools are the ideal choice for your outdoor restaurant.

V. Comfort should be Your Top Priority: There are multiple stylish bar stools surrounding the market, but selecting a stool as per occasion is critically important for any owner. Some bar stools are better suited along with pub table to serve eatery like snacks, and hot foods and a few barstools are convenient to celebrate drink parties.

VI. Classification of Bar Stool Materials:  Zillions of commercial bar stool varieties have knocked the doors of the present competitive market such as traditional, contemporary, designer, retro, bistro, colonial, Windsor, bentwood, and European. You can find amazingly built short, tall, and long legged bar stools, tables, and chairs in several popular stores and online sellers. These furnishing style pieces are made with several distinct materials such as rattan, aluminum, metal, and wood.  If you choose a high-quality bar stool, then your investment may last long.

Both swivel and stationary bar stools fall under the commercial restaurant business category. Many popular websites sell various types of wood, metal, plain, and upholstered stools. You need to plan your seating after evaluating the space limits of room space. Rattan barstools are good for people who live in hotter places, and metal barstools give more modern appeal. You can obtain any kind of bar stool with varied sizes of counter height, bar height, and table height. You need to pick the suitable bar stools to beautifully accent the pub, restaurant, or bar space. Optimal quality and sturdiness are the major constraints that any commercial restaurant requires. Because clients roughly use bar furniture, so it needs to be robust enough to strongly withstand for hazardous conditions.


I. Metal Bar Stools:

Barstools made with metal enhance the ambiance of lounge, pub, or restaurant. Metal barstools perfectly fit into any aura such as a modern decor bar or traditional restaurant by offering maximum comfort to the customers. 

àBenefits of Metal Stools

Many restaurant owners prefer solid wood is the better choice than any other hardwood materials like bamboo, cedar, and maple, which needs high-level maintenance. In case your restaurant is located at the huge traffic driving point, then chances are prevailing that your bar stools can be tarnished, scratched, and worn.  Suppose your restaurant caters to rowdy sports and children, then definitely it’s wooden seating is prone to lots of dings and dents. Usage of metal made barstool increase the durability and facilitates to maintain easily. You can have endless options to pick a metal barstool in terms of style, color, size, and more. So choose the product that well suits to your restaurant ambiance. Many online sellers are offering huge discounts on wholesale purchases, so utilize the chance to take away high-quality tools at affordable prices.   

à Metal BarStool Types

Restaurant owners have plentiful options to choose barstools for lounge restaurant. Pick the metal barstool as per your aura décor theme from several varieties such as ladder back, lattice back, fully upholstered, and swivel. Barstools have two major functional differences like swivel and stationary, and also many online sellers are dispensing comfortable and high-quality barstools within minimal prices. 

II. Restaurant Bar Stools

Barstools are best furniture outfits for any hotel lobby, bar, or restaurant. Many market booming furniture sellers are offering bar stools at great discount prices. The modern barstools that made with aluminum or metal suits better to any kind of room ambiance such as traditional or contemporary style. Whether you are going to launch a new restaurant or renovate existing eatery, I strongly recommend you to bring durable, affordable, and comfortable barstools.

àSignificance of Restaurant Barstools

Terrific bar stools are the most trending furniture items for any restaurant, bar, or hotel lobby, which eventually stirred up the use of commercial furniture. Though the design and type of barstools are more patron engaging parameters, but you need to understand the purpose and allow customers to rest comfortably. Many online sellers are making the shopping experience more convenient by categorizing barstool attributes like color, type, seat material, and etc. The favorable materials for commercial barstools are wrought iron, stainless steel, chrome bar, rattan, metal, and wood.

à Types of Restaurant Barstools

Barstool collection varies from backless, swivel, folding, stacking, side, and arm barstools to fulfill the desires of a diverse clientele. Separate upholstered fabrics are available online or offline to add more style, comfort to the back and the seat of a barstool. Height adjustable barstool or counter barstool is the on-demanding furniture item for any restaurant bar or lobby. Apart from terrific restaurant barstools, there are several multipurpose barstools available in the market such as institutional, gaming, banquet room, outdoor patio, and dining. 

III. Wood Barstools

Wood barstools give lavishing appeal to your bar or restaurant with their comfortable and stylish seats. Apart from impressing patrons with a modern look and facilitating comfortable seating, durability should be your major look over. Wood barstools provide the best commercial environment for all kinds of bars, casual pubs, and high-end restaurants.    

àThe Significance of Wood Bar Stools:

Fine finished royal wood barstool adds an elegant look to your pub or restaurant theme. Starting from light mahogany to dark cherry, wood barstool has a distinct and rich look than aluminum or metal made stools. Wood made bar stools are preferred by many traditional bars or restaurants with their modish grace.  

àWood Barstool Types:

Getting wood barstools through online or offline is pretty easy now. Incredible styles of wood bar stools have entered into the gates of a global e-commerce market such as ladder back, beidermeir, European, and lattice bar stools. In order to match barstool with your bar or restaurant décor, choosing upholstered or veneer seating can be the best choice.


 D. Tips to choose Right Bar Stool

Step1: Measure

Firstly, measure the length between floor and counter table. It is always better to measure twice as the table height plays a crucial role to determine the optimal length of a bar stool.

Step2: Determine Quality 

Analyzing the adequate number of barstools is easy for any pub or counter table. According to industry standards, 26 to 30 inches length between a bar stool is the ideal choice. This allows the people to conveniently eat and drink.    

Step3: Decide on Style and Features

There are multiple styles of stools available in the market and day by day new trends are evolving in the land of the restaurant furniture zone. The choice is left to the owners of restaurants to choose purposeful stool from various categories such as with/ without seat backs, with/ without armrests, upholstered/ non-upholstered, swivel/ non-swivel, stationary, adjustable, and more.

The above discussions are intended to uncover all the furniture related issues of any restaurant in terms of style, material, type, and design. Hope this information helps you to pick right restaurant bar furniture.