Privacy Policy

If you peruse or have a glance of the look on this website binds with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. We at FurnishFrame are devoted to safeguarding and protect your privacy to the fullest extent. We can understand your privacy concerns and we developed this privacy policy to make sure you to understand how we protect your personal information. The privacy policy provides the collected information from the users with or without their consent and they are bound by the Terms and Conditions of FurnishFrame whenever collecting the privacy data of users.  The users who stopover at the site need to note that, you are bound to the prerequisites, restrictions to our privacy policy with or without your consent. >

The provided privacy policy exclusively alerts whenever any personal data is collected from you whenever accessing the website. The data usage and sharing issues are provided in the privacy policy. We are bind to the privacy conditions throughout the dealings that made with the website. This data also provides you what kind of options is offered when using the data, the type of safety precautions in order to protect the abusive data, and also the alteration choices to correct the erroneous information. 

Data Collected By Us

This website will not intentionally gather any personal information except when the individuals are explicitly provided. The information we register is time, date, year, browser language, browser type, the IP address that you accessing our website. Our FurnishFrame Site uses this data to discover the server glitches, then provide the best services to the customers, and thus smoothly run of the website. 

We verify the frequent number of visits made by a user in each day to our website.  The overall classified information that we collect through our website pages is comprised of name, email id, address, fax number, telephone number, credit or debit card information, and the user interested programs, services, and products.

We also robotically gather the information regarding your inquiries of our products or services with any of the affiliated entities or websites. The accumulated information from you can include, but not limited to, telephone number, hardware information, system identifier, browser language, browser type, IP address, and cookie information. We also collect data regarding whether you enable the software permission to allow certain features, website URLs, and access times. Apart from this, we gather buying history information whenever communicating with us. 

Use of Cookies

Cookies are nothing but a combination of letters and digit identifiers that will be sent to the computer hard drive of the accessing users through the web browser. The intention of the cookies is to improve the standard of user experience. Once the cookies are sent to the user’s computer then from next time onwards our server identifies your interests and offers the most needful offers. You can enable or disable the cookies with the “Help” option on the web browsers toolbar. Anyhow, cookies enable the users of the website to completely get benefitted from the and we earnestly request you to turn the cookies ON to get the optimal results. 

A Cookie is specifically meant to assist the users and it doesn’t hold any kind of data recognition patterns. Enabling the cookies ensures to deliver the eloquent and accurate data.


We take standard safety measures to safeguard the user confidential data. When you accept the delicate information through the website, we provide utmost security to both offline and online data. The subtle information that gathered on our website (such as age, sex, pin, credit card number) is encrypted and conveyed confidently. We adhere to provide the high-end security in online through encryption and also offline as well.

Only our associates or agents has the full pledged rights to access the data provided by the users to fulfill the order shipment purpose (for example: customer service or billing). The servers/ computers that accumulate the personal information are entitled to safely retain the data.

In order to protect the confidential data such as credit card numbers, pin numbers, and address information, FurnishFrame practices standard industry encryption technologies whenever accessing the customer data and conveying the information that traded with the site. We adopt the suitable and relevant security technologies to protect against the abuse, modification, and loss of information that collected from the users.

Third Party Websites and Links

We are associated with third-party marketing firms to personalize your ads when you visit our website. These marketing companies are not allowed to collect the personal identification details of the user (name, age, sex, credit card number, and telephone number) but are permitted to collect your browsing history. The major intention of these firms is to provide the suitable offers and enhance the user experience on the site. 

Please note that FurnishFrame is not responsible for any of the privacy practices of the websites that you access from our site. We are solely bind to the privacy practices made and govern by our website only.  We highly recommend you to please go through the privacy statements of any connected end websites or third party sites that you visit.  

Sharing of Your Information

FurnishFrame uses your provided data to reply to your queries with us. We strictly have the policy to not disclose any of your personal information with outside party, until there is a need to fulfill the request that agreed or guided by you. (For example: order shipment).

In case if we are involved with a business combination then we have the right to transfer the collected information from our website to another party. But we convey the same to you through email regarding the special offers, events, new products/ services, or changes made to the privacy policy as per your request.


The changes made to the privacy policy will be posted on this website page only from time to time. After the declaration of the privacy policy changes the user(s) need to automatically accept them without any disputes. In any case, either the terms and conditions or else privacy policy are not understood to you then we sincerely urge you to stop accessing our website and reach to us at